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Sukhmani Dev
VP, Product & Technical Operations
M: 416.848.4115 x 224

Our Story

From the early days of mobile, to the introduction of smartphones, to today’s multiscreen, multichannel environment, MyThum has always been committed to helping our clients integrate mobile services into all aspects of their business. To that end, in 2011 we became a part of Olson, one of North America’s top five independent, full service digital agencies. Now, we are pleased to announce that we are completing the integration process by rebranding as Olson.

As one of the first companies in North America to be granted access to multiple carrier networks, we have had the distinction of launching some of the first SMS short-code programs in North America as MyThum. In the time since, we have authored countless other “firsts,” contributing significantly to the birth of a vibrant marketing channel. As a trusted aggregator of Canadian mobile operators since 2002, we have continuously evolved our gateway service suite.

As Olson, our pledge is to stay on the bleeding edge and continue enabling our connectivity clients to deliver the smartest, most sophisticated, and most successful mobile applications and services across North America.


We delivered 200+ million personalized EMAILS to clients’ customers in 2012 alone.

In the last decade, we have processed just under two billion SMS messages.

We were among the first to develop an innovative PUSH NOTIFICATION system, still in use today.


Aggregation Services

We provide reliable and scalable connectivity and premium settlement to Canadian Mobile operators. Our market is Canada; we’ve played in it for years. We’ll help you to understand all of the benefits, differences and challenges to delivering mobile applications in Canada, and to successfully navigate the regulatory landscape. We operate an efficient and reliable gateway solution for SMS and MMS via short codes, routing millions of transactions per month.

MOmentum Platform

“MOmentum’ is an effective web-based self-serve tool for launching SMS campaigns and managing subscription services. From basic features such as the ability to send broadcast messages, alerts and information on demand to sophisticated offerings such as administering contests remotely from your cell phone and interacting with live audiences, every base is covered.

Harness the power of this feature-rich platform with more than 10 years of intellectual capital invested in it and monetize a limitless number of mobile campaigns or services with a single license.

Gateway Services That Optimize Delivery To Your Consumers

Through our technology, access to wireless networks, and deep understanding of the mobile consumer, Olson removes the barriers to delivering mobile strategies that engage, interact and build lasting relationships with your target audiences.